How To

Design and price
It is best to come by in advance to discuss your tattoo or your ideas. I can walk you through the process so that you will have the best experience possible. It is important that you and I both have a good feeling about it. If we go through this, I can also give you a good indication of the costs.

If I haven’t seen or spoken to you yet, it is very difficult to tell you what the price will be. If you want I can make a rough estimate if you want this. In this case it’s important that you give me as much information as possible about the tattoo you want.

In Nijkerk it’s possible to pay by cash, creditcard or debitcard.

You always get a document from me with information about aftercare and the risks. I would like you to treat your tattoo as described in this information. I am in no case responsible for aftercare!

Vegan Friendly
The ink that I use meets all European guidelines and is suitable for Vegans.

Although I did my best to put as much information as possible on the site, I can imagine that you still have questions. Of course you can always contact me with all your questions and I will do my best to answer them as well as possible.

About Me

I am Fabiënne Demmer and the name of my tattooshop is Lucky Charm Tattoo.

I started tattooing in Nijkerk in 2011 and afther that worked in various places. After Rotterdam, Amsterdam and also a number of places in Japan, I decided to go back to my roots and open a private shop in Nijkerk.

The advantage of a private shop is that I can take all the time for you and we are not disturbed by people who can walk in and out. Therefore it’s only possible to come by if you have made an appointment. This is usually very fast, I do not like to work with long waiting times. In some cases you can come by at the same day!

Because I have worked in various places, I am an all-round tattoo artist. Of course I have my preferences, but you can contact me about almost everything. If you already have an idea, send me an example and / or description and I will make you an unique personal design.

If you don’t know what you want, but you know you want a tattoo, then I also have a nice solution. Over the years I have made quite a few designs that I would like tattoo. If you choose one of those designs, I will do this at a very nice price.

To get an impression of my work, you can check out the Portfolio page or check my Instagram for the most recent tattoos I’ve done.

Hope to see you soon!


Lucky Charm Tattoo;
Wittenburg 113, Nijkerk

WhatsApp: +31 6 307 59 476
E-mail: info@luckycharmtattoo.nl or fabienne@demmer.nl

Thanks for your message. I will reply as soon as possible.